Our Fleet

You want a flexible, reliable fleet available to you at all times.


We use 3.5t and 12t trucks to provide a high degree of flexibility.


Our trucks are serviced regularly so that they operate safely and reliably.

Demount Bodies

Our 12t trucks all have demount bodies. This gives us the flexibility to remove a body for loading while the truck makes another delivery for you. The bodies are interchangeable between all of our trucks. This significantly reduces our costs and we pass these savings on to you, saving you money.

Our demount bodies can be liveried to match your company's design, which:

  • Looks good to your customers.
  • Advertises your business.

Each demount body is equipped with spring loaded poles which act as a second floor, thus reducing weight placed on underlying furniture.

Fully Equipped

Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with upholstery bags. These strong bags protect your valuable furniture as it is delivered to your customers. This helps to ensure your furniture is delivered in the condition it left your premises, avoiding costly returns and saving you money - as well as helping to keep your desk free of unnecessary paperwork!